TechTailor combines its core competencies in software system methodologies, Internet infrastructure development, and systems integration with an entrepreneurial "less-is-more" philosophy. The result is services that increase productivity profitability, cut costs, reduce staffing requirements and improve services in client organizations.

Our service offering is concentrated in the following core areas:

Internet Solutions

TechTailor Web-enables your business through practical, production ready Internet technologies. From enterprise management applications to e-commerce storefronts, from on-line catalogs to product fulfillment and logistics, we're building the 21st century bridges via the Internet between companies and their employees, vendors, customers and prospects.

Programming and Software Engineering

Understanding your needs and then developing the most efficient and effective solutions defines TechTailor's practical and professional solutions in software and related programming applications. We do not over-promise, we do not overbuild, but we do over-achieve when striving to shorten the time and reduce the costs of program development and management.

Project Management

TechTailor has a proven track record of managing client projects. On-time and on-budget are the hallmarks of TechTailor's successful client relationships that span the test of time and diversified needs and challenges.

System Integration

TechTailor knows that one size does not fit all in the complex corporate and IT environment. Flexibility and adaptability are the key to optimizing existing resources while applying only those new systems and applications necessary to get the job done.

Staffing, Placement

TechTailor can fit the right people to the right job on a full-time, consulting, or project basis. An expanding TechTailor network of IT professionals includes skilled and pre-qualified tech professionals able to work on a project or full-time basis. Complementing this network is a growing list of IT hiring managers seeking to strategically source workers quickly and cost-effectively. Unlike most IT consulting and search firms, TechTailor focuses on aligning client needs with employee capabilities in a way that minimizes costs and maximizes opportunities for both sides of the employer/employee relationship.