TechTailor boasts a proven track record of accomplishment on behalf of major clients across North America. While our technology capabilities allow us to serve clients on a global basis, the nature of our personalized approach to client service has given us a stronger client base in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Our growing network of resources, however, knows no such boundaries. From New York to LA, from Florida to Scotland, we've delivered world class solutions for world class customers. We also specialize in serving smaller companies that need integrated solutions in ways that cut costs and save time and get to market faster, better, cheaper.

Some specific industry practice areas include Banking and Financial Services, Health Care and Medical Devices/Services, Insurance, and Automotive.

Some of the companies for which we have worked or done projects for include:

Bank of America/NationsBank


Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo Insurance

Federal Reserve Bank



Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Delta Airlines

Northwest Airlines

Sears Roebuck & Co

Daimler Chrysler